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How to Choose the Purrfect Food for Your Cat


As a cat owner, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is what food to feed your furry friend. With so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming trying to pick the best nutrition for your cat’s needs. Here are some tips to help you make the purrfect choice:

  • Consider your cat’s age – Kittens, adults and senior cats all have different dietary requirements. Look for kitten formula or mature/senior formulas.
  • Choose wet and/or dry food – Both have pros and cons. Wet food has higher moisture and protein, while dry food is better for dental health. Mixing the two provides a balanced diet.
  • Look at the first 2-3 ingredients – The first few ingredients should be meat-based proteins like chicken, turkey or fish. Avoid fillers like corn, wheat and soy.
  • Examine nutritional adequacy – Ensure the food meets standards set by the AAFCO for complete and balanced nutrition. This will be stated on the label.
  • Find the right calories – Cat foods have calorie counts on the packaging or website to help you choose the ideal amount based on your cat’s weight, age and activity level.
  • Pick foods to manage health conditions – There are specialty formulas for issues like urinary tract diseases, diabetes, skin allergies and more.
  • Stick to a consistent diet – Avoid flip-flopping between drastically different foods, which can upset your cat’s stomach. Gradually transition to new food.
  • Supplement as needed – If your vet recommends additional nutrients like fatty acids or probiotics, you can find foods or treats formulated with these.

With patience and experimentation, you’ll soon discover which foods your cat thrives on. Pay attention to their energy levels, coat health, digestion and litterbox habits. Your cat will let you know if they approve of their new chow!

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