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Creating Cozy Cat Napping Spots at Home


Creating Cozy Cat Napping Spots at Home

Cats love to sleep – in fact, the average house cat spends a whopping 16+ hours snoozing every day! As cat owners, we should make sure our furry friends have access to comfortable, safe spaces where they can curl up and catch some z’s whenever the urge hits them.

One of the best things you can do is create designated napping areas just for your cats. Consider setting up a few sleeping spots around your home so your cats always have somewhere warm and quiet to retreat to.

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Ideal cat napping locations are away from high-traffic areas so your pets won’t be disturbed. Places like windowsills, cat trees, chairs covered with blankies, and cozy cat beds are purr-fect for snoozing. Make sure sleeping areas are free of drafts but have good air circulation. Fill beds with soft, machine-washable materials like fleece blankets, pillows, and removable cushion covers.

You can also create homemade cat beds from everyday household items. An empty cardboard box lined with an old towel or t-shirt makes an ideal simple cat cave. Your feline will adore curling up in an Amazon delivery box that still faintly smells like you!

For the chilly winter months, consider setting up enclosed napping spots to conserve your cat’s body heat. An inexpensive DIY solution is cutting an entrance hole in a small plastic storage bin, lining it with a baby blanket, and adding a handwarmer for extra warmth.

Pay attention to which spots around your home your cat prefers to sleep in. Provide multiple beds in these locations so they always have back-up sleeping options. Cats feel most secure when they have ownership over their own space.

Make sure food, water dishes, litter boxes, scratching posts, and interactive cat toys are set up within proximity of sleeping areas. This allows your cat to easily meet all needs without straying too far from prime napping real estate.

Outdoor cats especially need a weatherproof place to hunker down. A covered patio, enclosed crawl space under your porch, or an insulated feral cat house will shield your feline from the elements. Check in winter that outdoor napping spots protect against freezing winds and precipitation.

By catering your home setup to your cat’s penchant for frequent, lengthy snoozing sessions, you support their health and happiness. Paying attention to quality cat nap spaces is an easy way to be the best cat parent possible! Your cat will thank you with louder purring, closer cuddling, and years of devoted companionship.

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