How to Read a Cat Food Label

Choosing the Best Cat Food Whether you’ve just brought a new kitten into your home, or your fussy feline demands a re-evaluation of the dinnertime goods, it’s important to be knowledgeable on deciphering pet foods labels. Does grain-free mean lower in carbs? What’s a Guaranteed Analysis? Questions abound when it comes to pet food label […]

Is There Enough Protein in Your Cat’s Food?

We’ve spoken many times about the importance of including adequate amounts of protein in a cat’s diet, but all protein is not created equal. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for owners to determine whether the percent protein that appears on a food’s guaranteed analysis will actually meet their cat’s needs. The crude protein percentage of […]

How to Keep Your Cat’s Food Fresh

You’ve researched your cat’s nutritional needs, compare brands, and purchased the best option for your favorite feline. Now the question arises: “What is the best way to store the food to keep it fresh and wholesome for as long as possible?” First, let’s take a step back. All cat foods should have a “best by” […]