9 Common Cat Behavior Problems (and How to Fix Them)

Cats are notoriously mysterious creatures. While a dog aims to please, our feline friends have a more curious agenda. We love that cats play by their own rules, but it would be nice to understand some of their less endearing behaviors. Why are they suddenly boycotting the litter box? Why is the new couch so […]

Strange behavior in elderly cats

As your cat enters their senior years you’re likely to notice some changes in their health, appearance, and behavior. Aging is, of course, a completely normal process. Just like us, senior cats may have less energy, be interested in different things, and experience age-related conditions such as arthritis. These changes are to be expected, and […]

The Meaning Behind Your Cat’s Strange Behaviors

Our feline companions have distinct personalities and we often find ourselves confused with some of their odd behaviors. Most cat owners know the rewarding sound of a purr or the loud meow of a hungry cat around dinner. It is often the unusual nature of certain vocalizations and actions that make us wish our cats […]

10 Common Cat Behaviors Explained

Cats are especially expressive creatures, and they’re constantly telling you exactly how they’re feeling – all you have to do is learn to “speak cat”! Here are 10 common cat behaviors interpreted, so that you can understand their needs and personality better: 1. Sniffing your face Cats rely heavily on their strong sense of smell […]

A Beginners Guide to Cat Behavior

Co-existing with cats can be an interesting experience, to say the least. Their behavior can range from amusing to downright deranged. But when your cats’ extreme or repetitive habits get out of control, they can signal cause for serious concern or even medical attention. As a protective cat parent, how can you tell which quirky […]